Why USP for Biologics Standards?

USP is the logical choice for consistent quality standards throughout biologics development and manufacturing

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Consistent Reproducible Reference Standards for Biologics

Consistency and reproducibility in Reference Standards for biologics

Biologics at USP is the logical starting
point when you are developing complex, large-molecule drugs. We engage with thousands of experts, professionals, and companies to deliver reliable global standards for the new wave of biopharmaceuticals poised to enter the market. After extensive testing and validation in multiple lab studies, USP's biologics standards support your effort in launching new, quality drugs. Let logic be your guide.


We deliver:

  • Consistent and reproducible reference and standards
  • An open, transparent, and collaborative process
  • Scientific rigor and methodical review throughout the standards process
  • A full spectrum of resources and educational opportunities

We deliver quality, trust, and assurance throughout the product life cycle of your biologics.


Approach to Biologics Standards: Path forward for standards development and early stakeholders engagement

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Biologics at USP: A full-spectrum of resources and support

Count on USP to deliver biologics standards, resources, education and opportunities for collaboration. See us at these events and training sessions:


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USP General Chapters and Reference Standards that Support the Development and Characterization of Biologics – On Demand

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