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Role of Standards in Personalized Medicine

August 16, 2018 | USP Staff

As personalized therapies have become a reality rather than a distant promise, the tools needed to ensure the quality of these medicines grow increasingly important. Regulatory guidances for personalized medicines are frequently a “work in progress,” evolving over time as the body of knowledge grows for ensuring that these therapies are safe and beneficial.

Rapid Microbial Methods: The Need for Speed in Cell and Gene Therapies

July 24, 2018 | USP Team
Contributor: John Duguid,
Senior Director, Research & Development Vericel Corporation

When patients are administered biological treatments created from their own bodies - autologous regenerative medicines - every second counts. Quality and purity can’t be compromised. To ensure microbial contaminants are removed during the manufacturing process, rapid microbial methods are needed for cell therapy, tissue-engineered, and gene therapy products.

Solutions to help ensure biopharmaceutical quality

May 03, 2018 | USP Staff

By the year 2020, biopharmaceuticals are estimated to account for 50% of the most successful pharmaceutical products. (1)(2) Biologics, such as recombinant therapeutic proteins, vaccines, blood components, and regenerative medicines are growing faster than any other segment of medicines. The transition from chemically synthesized small molecule drugs to biologically-based, large molecule medicines produced through living expression systems has required the pharmaceutical industry to rethink its approach to quality control and develop novel strategies for ensuring the safety and quality of medicines.

Standards are evolving to help industry produce complex, quality assured biologic medicines

March 01, 2018 | USP Staff

Highly complex biologics such as proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and cell and gene therapies increasingly fill biopharmaceutical pipelines across a range of therapeutic indications. These innovative biomedicines are introducing new challenges in monitoring and ensuring quality across the drug development workflow, from early stage research and discovery to clinical testing, regulatory review, manufacturing, and post-marketing surveillance.